Bijoe Kap

Not Everything Fine With 5G In Nigeria

Airtel Africa, Nigeria's third largest telecom operator with 27.57 percent market share, emerged as the sole bidder for a 5G high-speed spectrum license in the second licensing round.

Nigeria Banks On Financial Inclusion

The slow pace in achieving the target has forced the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to replace high-value currency notes, starting Dec. 15, to make more Nigerians banked.

Green Ammonia Is The New Chick On The Block And South Africa Its Hub

Ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP27, in Egypt in November, South Africa is betting big on the hydrogen economy with world’s largest green ammonia project under the South African Hydrogen Society Roadmap (HSRM), announced by the government in February 2022.

Cracks Appear in NATO’s Information War

It is said that the only war that NATO has ever won is the information war. But that is changing if the ongoing protests against the 73-year-old military alliance are any indication.