An employee walks on top of an oil tank at a Sinopec refinery in Wuhan, Hubei province

Saudi Oil Rate Hike Comes With A Price For Asia

Rich Asian nations which are limping back to normalcy from the pandemic will give their cash-strapped counterparts in the continent a good run for their money as Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer, hiked prices for its black gold, for Asia, its largest market.
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Protest against Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in front of the Presidential Secretariat, in Colombo

In Sri Lanka’s May Mayhem Confusion Reigns Supreme

Currently, all political parties in crisis-ridden Sri Lanka are sulking to shoulder the burden of putting things in order and heed the request of the executive presidency. Their reluctance has given enough room for the army to act on its own as the country is already placed under emergency.
The EU is set to propose a phased ban on Russian oil imports, after already banning coal

Buying Cheaper Russian Oil, A Straightforward Economic Decision For India

As the West is trying to make it difficult for Russia to sell its oil, nations like India and China have increased their purchase from Russia sighting their increasing energy needs. India's demand for cheaper oil from Russia, which China is already doing, is more of an economic calculation than political opportunism.
The Reserve Bank of Australia raised the main lending rate by 25 basis points

Scott Morrison In Trouble With Bleak Poll Prospects

With inflation rising twice as fast as wages, Morrison's Liberal-National coalition, which maintains a mere one-seat majority in the lower house of parliament, is under heavy pressure as the opposition Centre-left Labor is ahead in opinion polls.
The EU is set to propose a phased ban on Russian oil imports, after already banning coal

Report Reveals Russia Sits Pretty With EU Money To Fund Ukraine War

A study by Finland-based independent think-tank Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) showed that 71 percent of the €63 billion worth of fossil fuels, including crude, oil products, piped gas, LNG, and coal, were exported by Russia to the EU nations since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Suu Kyi has been the face of Myanmar's democratic hopes for more than 30 years

Tatmadaw Control Myanmar New Normal For Regional Countries, US

Myanmar is unusual following years of a quasi-democracy and the Feb. 1 coup d'état last year. It is investment, political and geopolitical influence that are overriding interest of the ASEAN, U.S., China, and India in Myanmar as its armed forces are subjugating an entire population.
A general view shows broken window glasses, after a blast near a passenger van at the entrance of the Confucius Institute University of Karachi

China’s Go Global Plans Met With Resistance In Pakistan

Chinese efforts to make Pakistan a client state are not finding favor with all people in the country, who have started to target Chinese projects and its nationals to prevent Islamabad from serving as a gateway to further China’s go global plans.
Illustration photo of a Japan Yen note

A Weak-Yen Obsession Dents Japan Amidst Ukraine Crisis

Currency devaluation has been the preferred choice of Japan to boost its gross domestic product for decades. But the weak-yen obsession has now started to bite Asia’s second-biggest economy amidst the Ukraine crisis.
British PM Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street in London

Boris Johnson On Tough Mission To Woo India Away From Russia

Armed with sticks and carrots, a bevy of top U.S. officials trooped into New Delhi last month only to return empty-handed, however, now, it is the turn of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to woo India away from Russian influence – a tough task indeed.
The government concedes the current economic crisis is the worst since Sri Lanka's independence in 1948

It Is Now The Rajapaksas Versus People In Sri Lanka

By imposing and later revoking the islandwide emergency, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has converted what was essentially economic mismanagement into political unrest and a humanitarian crisis in the South Asia nation.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks during an interview with Reuters in Islamabad

Imran Khan Embraces Victimhood To Stay Relevant In Pak Politics

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan cleverly framed the political narrative of the Islamic republic which termed going against him as akin to going against the founding fathers and the constitution hence securing himself a graceful way out of a serious diplomatic and political mess.